Summer vacation is the longest holiday for students and teachers in schooling time. Summer vacation duration and timing mainly depend on the district and country.In the USA, duration of summer vacation is 2.5 months.In India, Australia, Britain, Denmark, Canada, Netherland and Germany duration of summer vacation is 6 to 8 weeks.


How does summer vacation starts?

Summer vacation for students starts with excitement that it is the happiest time for him.They plan every single day of vacation to make memorable and joyful.

Most of the students plan to visit their native place, hill stations, or any other tourist place to enjoy and spend time with cousins, family members and friends.

Some of the students plan to join swimming, dancing classes and any other classes to get fulfil their dreams and interest.

Some students plan to join tuition classes to improve their weak subjects.

Teachers are also planning to visit their native place and spend some quality time with their near and dear ones.

What education researchers think about Summer vacation?

Education researchers think that during summer vacation students lose their academic skills.This phenomenon is called summer loss or summer slide.The researcher’s studies suggest that in summer vacation students lose their two months of reading skills. They also found a decline in math is sharp than in reading skills and effect of summer loss is higher in lower income family students.

How parents prevent Summer Loss?

The education researchers suggest parents encourage their child whatever he or she wants to read in summer vacation.The reading of books gives a positive result in comparison to summer school enrolment.

They also suggest parents encourage their child to learn a new skill or to participate in a regular physical activity like games and swimming etc.It increases concentration power of child which leads to improving mathematics and test skills.

What things to do by teachers during summer vacation?

Teachers play a big role in students life they work hard for students to clear their academic doubts and problems.Most of the teachers learn new curriculum, new programs, new methods and assessments and also participate in summer programs to upgrade their knowledge.

These things which really needed to do by every teacher.

I hope my article gives something special to understand summer vacation to everybody especially parents, teachers and students.

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