SUMMER VACATION: Summer vacation is the longest holiday for students and teachers in schooling time. Summer vacation duration and timing mainly depend on the district and country.In the USA, duration of summer vacation is 2.5 months.In India, Australia, Britain, Denmark, Canada, Netherland and Germany duration of summer vacation is 6 to 8 weeks.   How […]

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Use Of Whey Protein In Bodybuilding

Use Of Whey Protein In Bodybuilding: Proteins are essential for human body. It helps to provide amino acids that cannot be naturally synthesized.Some proteins are an enzyme that enhances the biochemical reactions which are the important part of metabolism. Proteins are also playing a vital role in muscle building and are used to increase the […]

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Salman Khan’s Arrest,A Huge Loss For Bollywood

Salman Khan’s Arrest, A Huge Loss For Bollywood:   The Jodhpur court’s last judgment is out in Blackbuck Poaching, the instance of 1998. The popular performer Salman Khan matured 52, gets a 5-year imprison term and Rs.10000/ – punishment. Alternate performers associated with this case were vindicated. The Blackbuck Poaching case happened in 1998 in […]

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